A Journey with a Friend !

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On a sunny evening, while the shadows from surrounding trees were acting as shelter and protecting us from the sunshine. I accompanied a friend, initiated the journey heading towards the highest mountain in the Nilgiri hills named as Doddabetta. We were encircling the road lined with huge trees in the mountain; sky started to look darker and darker. The little heat of the sunshine was overshadowed by cool breeze, kind of drizzling, which led to horripilation in my hands.  It might be around 15-20 minutes; we reached the parking area of the hill.

Instantly, we parked our vehicle and started to look at the surrounding scenery. We could see many vehicles that gave me an idea of the crowd.  From there on-wards, we continued the journey by foot, and we were passing the time by watching trespass shop on either side of the path. It took merely five minutes to reach desired place. As I expected earlier, it was really crowded around the spot. I was able to evidence different kind of people and accent. While I was sightseeing, my friend was moving to the other side of the place.

I started to follow my friend in-between; I saw a group of people who were focusing towards a person. However, my friend was moving towards the nearby valley; I supposed to follow him. Within a few minutes, we reached the valley, I stopped walking, but my friend continued his walk and entered the jungle. I was sitting on a little rock near the valley and started to look through the beauty of nature.  We spent hardly ten minutes near the valley and when the time my friend returned from the jungle, we started to move towards the parking area.

While walking back, my eyes were focused on the group and once again got my amenity. I saw a person who was an artist by profession, and he was drawing the image of the human faces. I was watching his drawing skills. Suddenly, my friend insisted me to leave the place. Someone was smoking in a smoking prohibited public place, and it caused coughing to my friend. Soon we were walking out of the particular place. Meanwhile, my friend was rushing to approach the guard to give a complaint about the smoking of a person in a banned place. 

Initially, there was not at all a good response from them and even a bit negligent about my friend's proposal. I was brawling with my friend "why are you making this as an issue, and they are not even responding to you?"  Even so, he gently replied, "It doesn't matter whether they are going to take action, but it's my duty to tell about it". In other-words, I could say as "perform your duties without expecting any reward for it".  Usually, I'm one among the people who doesn't like that kind of offense in a public place, but never dare to take action against it. At that instant, my friend's word left me speechless and made me feel like an awkward moment.

Simultaneously, I listened to the voice of a guard giving instruction to another guard "Just go there and check, at least for his words (my friend) ". Later, we continued our walk to the parking area.

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. ~Ken Keyes, Jr.

As like above quote I learned a good thing from my friend, and it was an another message in a journey. A Journey with a Friend.


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