Don't I care about your smile?

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 1 comments
My dear Jane,

There was a time, 
I loved to see the smile,
Whenever I saw the smile,
I too smiled.
Happiness was on my lips only. 

And today,
I love to see the smile,
But In every smile,
Your face comes to my mind,
I just see your smile.

The smile on your lips;
It makes my heart smiles;
I always try to get your best smile;
For me, Happiness is your smile.
It makes my heart pop out. 

I smile in our hard times.
It's not to show I'm happy;
I don't wanna see your sad face;
I smile because to tell you.
I wanna see your smiling face. 

With love,