Life is fleeting

Posted by Kannan B On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 2 comments

I see the sun all day long from sunrise,
I just try to follow the shadows of beam,
Until the clouds come to hinder my path,
I'm always stopped by the traces of sunset,

Oh Yeah! Day is fleeting!!

Every night I want to see a full moon,
I wish to walk on a rainy night, but
I can't see a full moon on a rainy night,
Night ends before the sky start to rain,

Oh Yeah! Night is fleeting!!

All the time, I see, people are coming,
Talking, smiling, laughing and teasing,
Without any reason, they disappear forever,
They leave random memories to dwell,

Oh Yeah! People are fleeting!!

All I want is someone without ulterior motive,
They are not supposed to say what they feel,
They can hide the truth, but I don't need a lie,
They mesmerize me by wonderful lies,

Oh Yeah! Everything is fleeting !!

But, I love you, don't wanna break your heart,
My love always surrounds you like an ether,
I always be the sun and moon to you,
So I can feel a little bit rejoice with joy,

Cause, Life is fleeting!!!