Start over!

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As long as you walk away from me,
I dread, you might forget to remember me,
I intend to follow every step of you,
At times, I hide behind your shadows. 

Thou my walk for you will never stop;
I can see the distance between us,
Day by day, time by time; it gets longer;
However, distance keeps our souls nearer. 

I face every single day like a new day, 
Let the soul to embrace and cradle you;
I'm long to see the smile on your face;
I have been waiting for it, a longtime. 

This precious moment will never come back,
Thou silence is the only thing stick us together. 
I regret to feel regret for you, 
Let us make a start over to rejoice,
            The journey of life.


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The dark monsters embrace together; 
To veil the princess of blue. 
The essence of brown grime; 
Leads the twinkling and chanting; 
To cherish the arrival of paradise's drops.

When it reaches the place of miseries, 
It runs everywhere to find its burrow. 
It cuddles all the way with stones and thorns, 
Thou it won't tear its soul apart, 
And it giggles like an altruistic spirit.

It merges with the clay in the path, 
But it never wears a stain in its purity 
From cradle to grave, It wanders, 
Thou it never grows old in this birth. 
To pacify the mind of numerous souls, 
The Archangel of Heaven 
Will never stop its odyssey.


Is it fate or luck?

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, September 25, 2013 1 comments
Why do leaves fall?
When they know,
It will lead them to end.
Is it fate of leaves?
Is it luck of other beings? 
Why do we strive for happiness?
When we know,
It's already inside us.
Is it fate of humans?
Is it luck of humans? 
Why do bees collect honey?
When they know,
They won't taste it.
Is it fate of  bees?
Is it luck of other beings? 
Why do we worry?
When we know,
It's just part of our life .
Is it fate of humans?
Is it luck of humans? 
Why do flowers bloom?
When they know,
They will wither.
Is it  fate of flowers?
Is it luck of other beings? 
Why do we fall in love?
When we know,
It will give us pain.

Is it fate or luck?



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The other day, I was planning about my next day's schedule like "When should I wake up?" "What should I do as soon as I wake up?" "To whom should I talk?" and "What should I do?". I almost planned a big To-Do list. I believed  it would be a lucrative way to squander a brand new day. I knew that people might think like "I give more importance to those things which are trivial". Though I quite satisfied with my plan. With a fortune heart I went to bed.

I planned to wake up early, but in the morning, I didn't wake up until I heard the voice of my mother. As soon I started to do the things which weren't in my lists. Likewise, all of my doings were exactly contradicted to my last night's plan. Indeed, I didn't want to happen on that way, but everything happened against me. On that day my entire plan collapsed and It wasn't up to my plan. Beside, I started to figure out my next day's plan.

The next day, I came up with a new idea which was exactly contrary to my previous plan. I planned to do peculiar things instead of a superior plan. I sketched a new To-Do list, but this time I planned to wake up very late. Further, all the stuff in my lists were exactly inverse to the previous night's plan. I was quite confidence about the new plan. I hoped that I would easily follow this on next day morning be cause of its weirdness.

Guess what? I woke up very early in the morning, but I planned to wake up late. I wondered, "How is it possible?" With so much anticipation in my mind, I was very keen to spend my time in bed. That much expectation made me to wake up too and once again I started to do all things which weren't included in my list. Meanwhile I failed to pursue my plans. It wasn't an auspicious end.

Almost everyday I have been making plan before I go to bed, I think about those things and very keen to follow it. Nearly every night I would make a new 'To-Do' list and in morning, I would do the things which are exactly contradicted to my plan list. I don't know why it has happened to me, but I believe there is a reason behind every action. Sometimes I wonder I'm the only one who faces such kinda of critical situation.

Lately, on a Sunday morning, I woke up very early and I went for a long ride. I was riding all alone in the long road like I hardly saw people on the roadside. I loved to travel all the way, while cool breeze was kissing my face. The day was followed by a perfect breakfast(I don't have breakfast regularly), reading, time with neighbours' kids and great with time my parents and  friends. It was new experience, everything happened as like planned, but everything was coincident.

Obviously, I was quite impressed with the things whatever happened on that day and I started to treat the every day on its way without any plan. 

All days are like paintings,
You need a little inspiration to get going,
A little smile can brighten up,
A whimsical idea can enlighten your day,
Every moment will become auspicious.

And my days become like a painting

Life doesn't start from where it ends

Posted by Kannan B On Monday, July 29, 2013 1 comments
When I see trees,
They strive to say something.
When I see birds,
They fly so close to me.
When the breeze thrives,
They whisper too loud for me.
Every insect, reptile and existence
Tries to convey something.
What do they want to say?
When I'm interested to listen,
Every being stops my way,
I wonder what makes to feel this way. 

I walk alone all the way with my mind;
It's the only way without any obstacles.
I run like a river into the sea;
It leads me to enlightenment. 
I see a tree again; I don't feel anything.
I want to know what it tries to tell me,
Thou life doesn't start from where it ends
I think everything wants to remind this.
I start to contemplate every moment of life.
And I be come very close to the nature.
I don't forget to carry smiles in my pockets
I hand them out wherever I get chances.
Be cause,
Life doesn't start from where it ends. 

Picture Credit: Coolhunting

Am I a dream?

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, June 21, 2013 3 comments
Am I a dream?
My body is a bag of dreams,
Every second I dream,
My dreams are transcendent.
Picture Credit
In my every dream, 
I isolate myself from the rest of world
I wish to run behind the dreams,
I run relentlessly to conquer it, 
Sometimes I stop by a nightmare,
I startle; stutter; crawl;
Until I realise it as an illusion.

Am I a dream? 
My mind is full of dreams,
Every second I dream,
My dreams are immortal.
In my every dream,
I wish to go to the place, 
Where I start to dream. 
It's is an oasis - a source of knowledge, 
If all my knowledge are lie, 
What is the truth about my dream? 
I startle; stutter; crawl; 
Until I find the answer, 
I'm a dream. 


What a feeling

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When I see you,
Through the eyes,
I start to believe in heaven.
I feel like I'm walking on a meadow.

I wish to follow every trace of you,

Though I don't wanna compete with you.
I wish to fly along with you,
As we move into the period of ecstasy.

When I see you smile,
My heart skips a beat,
You always glitter like a rainbow,
But you look so beautiful in white.

Sometimes I'm startling, when every
Tree, bird and corner of the place
Remind me about your fanciful thoughts
Life will never be the same without you

When I say "I like your smile",
You leave the smile for me
If I say "I like you"
What would you do?

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A poem for mother

Posted by Kannan B On Sunday, May 12, 2013 4 comments

From my birth,
To this moment now,
You raise me up, to walk on the land,
You don't show me the hardest part of life.

You hide the pain of miseries,
Behind your heaven's smile.
You have taught everything about life,
You have helped me to differentiate good and bad.

Whenever I need you,
You always stand for me.
In my hard times, 
You follow me like my shadow.

Without you, my life would be void,
You're the beacon of my life. 
Without your love, my soul is worthless
You're the reason of my life,

You're amazing,
Thank you, Amma


The gifted life

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At the sight of dawn,
Little bird soars in to the sky, 
She glitters in the sunlight
Where does she go?

She travels among the clouds 
Feathered creature flies high
Little wings don't give pain? 
Is it freedom or fate?

A cluster of pale tails follow her, 
She never leaves anyone alone
Little tweety knows power of unity, 
Is it virtue or weakness?

At the sight of noon, 
Little bird feeds her baby, 
She knows how to be a mother?
Where does she learn it?

Chirping bird has a beautiful voice
Little tweety sings all the time,
Tho she doesn't sing for others.
Is it selfish or selfless?

At the sight of dusk,
Little bird sits on a grove,
She spreads happiness, 
Is it called gifted life?


I wonder, why?

Posted by Kannan B On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3 comments

I wonder,
The day and night shouldn't have same length
When will the sun rise in west, and set in east?
Why can't we see the moon every night?
Why stars aren't visible in the daytime?

I wonder,
Can't I fly between clouds? If birds can fly.
It's the sign of partiality, Isn't it? then,
Why do I feel envy about birds?
When I love to see the birds in the sky.

I wonder,
Shall not make love as a religion?
If love is a religion, then peace is God
Everyone will afraid to their conscience
People will have a mind like child

I wonder,
Can't you see things the way I see?
Why don't you speak 'what do you feel'?
What if everyone agree with us?
When people understand us very well?

Perhaps, it would give elated life
If everything is perfect, and same as our wish,
We can't find love.

I wonder,
Be cause,
Love doesn't exist in sameness,
We love just be cause of  uniqueness and imperfection :)

Life is fleeting

Posted by Kannan B On Tuesday, February 26, 2013 2 comments

I see the sun all day long from sunrise,
I just try to follow the shadows of beam,
Until the clouds come to hinder my path,
I'm always stopped by the traces of sunset,

Oh Yeah! Day is fleeting!!

Every night I want to see a full moon,
I wish to walk on a rainy night, but
I can't see a full moon on a rainy night,
Night ends before the sky start to rain,

Oh Yeah! Night is fleeting!!

All the time, I see, people are coming,
Talking, smiling, laughing and teasing,
Without any reason, they disappear forever,
They leave random memories to dwell,

Oh Yeah! People are fleeting!!

All I want is someone without ulterior motive,
They are not supposed to say what they feel,
They can hide the truth, but I don't need a lie,
They mesmerize me by wonderful lies,

Oh Yeah! Everything is fleeting !!

But, I love you, don't wanna break your heart,
My love always surrounds you like an ether,
I always be the sun and moon to you,
So I can feel a little bit rejoice with joy,

Cause, Life is fleeting!!!


Life is yours to win

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Close your eyes...
Focus your attention towards the periods of misfortune,
Reminisce all your regrets, mistakes and painful memories,
Repress those times of adversity, let's plan for prosperity,
Because you never know what will happen...

Close your eyes...
Recall every beautiful thought and time in your life
Replenish your soul with those fruitful  moments,
Spark your creativity and wrap up your worries,
Because you never know what will happen...


Close your eyes...
Learn to listen to the voice within yourself, Silence
A deep silence gives bridge between hope and despair,
It's the spirit of your soul and the source of great strength,
Because you never know what will happen...

Close your eyes...
Find out the light in the middle of darkness, Love,
Love yourself unconditionally, that's what they say,
Cause you can't love another until you love yourself,
Because you never know what will happen...

Life is yours to win...
Cherish every moment in your life...
Because you never know what will happen...

Happy New Year 2013