Start over!

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, December 20, 2013 0 comments
As long as you walk away from me,
I dread, you might forget to remember me,
I intend to follow every step of you,
At times, I hide behind your shadows. 

Thou my walk for you will never stop;
I can see the distance between us,
Day by day, time by time; it gets longer;
However, distance keeps our souls nearer. 

I face every single day like a new day, 
Let the soul to embrace and cradle you;
I'm long to see the smile on your face;
I have been waiting for it, a longtime. 

This precious moment will never come back,
Thou silence is the only thing stick us together. 
I regret to feel regret for you, 
Let us make a start over to rejoice,
            The journey of life.


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