I walk - Seeking an Oasis

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, January 03, 2014 0 comments
I walk..
Thro' the path what life has shown me,
I shroud my expectation with a smile.

I walk..
As far as the moonlight fades away,
Until  the rise of  dawn and dusk.

I walk..
Now and then to get closer to you,
Whenever you  keep me away.

I walk...
Tho the path is difficult to travel;
I love all the moments with you.

I walk..
With a fear, "If you don't know my odyssey",
But your fear is different from mine.

I walk..
To increase my heart beat, then
I can see your smile as much as I breathe.

I walk..
And I throw my hands in the air;
You might have been seeking me.

I walk..
Alone all the way with a thought,
Someday you will walk with me,
Every second of you. 


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