Solitary Smile!

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There was a time we rambled together, 
There was a period we giggled at each other, 
Today those thoughts are mimic at us.. 
My isolated lips just give away a solitary smile.   


Tears of Tears

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The sky cries, everyone rejoices and gets united
When I shed tears, even my shadow walks away
Though I run all the way to drain these tears from my eyes
I feel my heart is heavier than the breeze, I weep.

And the salty water in my eyes get sprouted again
I seek shelter in sun to pour out the drops in my eyes
But, it does not give me the zenith of human happiness
The ghoul's mind tries to heal all the wounds. I weep.

A walk with the moon

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Heaven's drops were falling from hell; a storm
It wasn't like dog and cat fight; but more than it
I procrastinated wayfaring as long as possible
Clouds were merging faster, it seemed absurd

I squandered all the day by abiding over here
When I came near the window; I realized shade
I had been waiting to see dimness? I perplexed
I perceived a silence in-between these darkness

I initiated my expedition, reluctantly, it drizzled
I wandered relentlessly; It was just me and Owl
Stars were fading away, waterlogged all the way
I just followed the path where my feet led me

I drenched; all the delirious clouds parted away
I felt a few drops of rain on underneath of my heel;
I visualized a vivid beam, a lonely splendour smile
That smile in the water-log; shined like a diamond

As an intruder, it followed the impression of foot
She often giggled at me in a sarcastic manner
Whenever I turned around, she laughed; ran away
She used her blanket; whenever she felt my presence.

I stared, I smiled, It led to an abstruse occasion
I focused on walking, She pushed her blanket away
She pursued me all the way, where-ever I went
It was like playing "Hide and seek" till the dawn

Emerging of dawn resulted in separation of  us
My perpetual mind again led to an uncanny state
It was just me and her, she was mine for a little while.
She left her smile to  me and she faded away
            "A walk with moon"

Shadows of time

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Neha alighted from the school bus and ran toward her home. She didn't carry any excitement rather than a bitter smile on her face. Neha was stepping into home. Meanwhile, she eyed her mom, Arti, who was waiting for her daughter's arrival near porch of her house. Arti interrupted her way, Neha looked her with a solemn face. Without a word,  Neha marched into living room and kept the school bag dangled on her shoulder. Arti pursued her daughter and exclaimed, "Do you want milk or coffee?". Neha nodded, "no". Neha started to do her home work. She didn't go outside for playing like most children of her age. The whole house was overshadowed by pindrop silence until incessant ringing of doorbell.

Neha heard the clatter of footsteps, a man with a grave face and trimmed beard entered into her room. Neha pounced toward her father, Raju. After a deep struggle, she finally queried, "Where is chocolate?" with an excitation in her eyes. Raju replied, "I gave it to your mom, go and grab it". Neha tilted her head to and fro, tediously tried to answer her dad, but it lasted longer than normal, and gestured, "No, I dont want". Neha ripped off the smile from her dad's face. Raju diverted Neha's attention, by inquiring about her birthday dress and she started to strive again. Neha was affected by a speech disorder which often stammered her voice called stuttering. It caused a major split in relationship between mom and daughter. Arti swallowed, as she looked downward a little and her eyes were misting up with tears. Like every mom and daughter, Arti and Neha had a splendid relationship till she started to talk.

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It was one of the summer holidays, Neha was playing with the kids around her home. On that time all kids were singing, it wasn't a singing competition but they were squandering their time. Finally, it was Neha's turn, she came flauntingly to lend her voice but she wasn't able to sing like her rivals. In the intervening time, the neighbours and their kids were deriding Neha . The aggravated Arti came to rescue her daughter. Arti beat Neha  and yelled, "don't come here to play, see? everyone is laughing at us because of you". From that day onwards, Neha misinterpreted that her mom hated and ashamed of her. After that day, Arti had approached her daughter countless time but her words din't heal the broken heart of benevolent soul. Arti refreshed the memories while she was watching all the conversation between her husband and daughter. Sooner, they had supper and went to bed.

A week passed, two days before Neha's birthday. On that day, Neha saw a news about a girl who was burnt by her mom. That news alleged that young girl who was affected by speech disorder and that girl's mom was ashamed of it, so she tried to kill her daughter. Neha was dazed by the news aired on television and the fear about her mom became thrice as before. She went to school but her mind was revolving around the incident and often scared her mom would do like it. When she returned to home, she maintained quietness and was waiting for her dad, Raju. When the time Raju came home, he told Neha, "Tomorrow, I'll the buy your birthday dress with your mom". Neha uttered, "okay" but she didn't reveal about her fear. Everyone went to sleep

The day before her birthday, Neha went to school but her thoughts were always spinning about the incident. Raju took leave and came in noon, as he planned to go for shopping. Raju and Arti went shopping to buy dresses for her birthday. They purchased all the things for in order to celebrate Neha's birthday. After some hours, they returned to home but they didn't find her daughter in home. Meanwhile, Raju's landline phone was ringing and Arti attended the call, the one on the other side told her, "Neha fell down the stairs" and ended the call.

The next day, Neha opened her eyes in a hospital where she was accompanied by her father. She didn't notice her mom, Arti wasn't around nearby as like she expected. She sensed something in her lip. She let her tongue swipe over her lip and licked. She felt something salty. When she looked up, she realized she was lying on her mother's lap. Tears were rolling out from her mom's eyes. Neha finally envisioned her mother's love. She was weeping along with her mother. Neha still had some tears to shed between life flashed before her eyes. She was realizing her mom's affection,  Neha's eyelids were forced her to close permanently. Neha breathed her last minutes in her mom's lap. The time when Neha was with her mom she didn't realize her mom's affection. Whenever realized her mistake she wasn't with her mom. Shadows of time..

Unfilled !

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The childhood has past!

The adloensence has gone!

And the adulthood is here....

But the desire for a happiness and serene

I meant to fill in my life remains unfilled.

I have spent my days tying and untying the notches of sorrow    

The future is but a figment!

*I have written this one after I was inspired by a poetry.

Gloominess !

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I talked...
Conversely, I felt a silence much deeper
than ocean 
I smiled...
It was an illusion, happiness was only in
my lips
I cried...
Though it didn't bring tears to my eyes
I sang...
Most of the times, it was my disguise
I wrote...
I always forgot to mention what I want 
to do.
I breathed...
Every minute, my heart skipped a beat
I drenched...
Despite, I didn't walk along with rain
I prayed...
I didn't ask for a auspicious time in life
I dreamt...
In the middle of the night, It always end
-ed with a nightmare 
I lived... 
I walked through the field of thorns and
Tomorrow is the only aspiration and hope.

Life of the altruistic soul !

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The darkness tries to show its dominance
You quash the intrigue of darkness; spread joys

By shimmering and sparking, you lead the serenity
You illuminate the fear of  veracious eyes

You're willing to sacrifice your life for anyone's wish
Thou you don't allow someone to wipe the tears

Altruistically, immolate yourself; forfeit the life 
                                                         by flickering
You enlighten the path of plentiful ferocious minds

Let my heart have the virtue like you own
I vow to awaken the life of infinite souls

I'm in awe of your bounteous and feracious lives
I adore you and feel envy at your altruistic deeds


Butterfly O Butterfly

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You soar up in the crisp sky, don't you fall 
Who teaches you to flutter along with clouds
It's queer; how you look so flamboyant and
Seems you grasp it from the rainbow in the sky

Without any qualms; everyday you encircle inbet us
Perhaps, cause we have grown up in the same passion
We begin our life by nourishing days and nights
Then we start to grow, immaturely we face the realistic world

Butterfly little flutter-by fly, to whom do you belong
Thou you're close to us, still there is distance
Everyone is infatuated with you and try to acquire
You never fail to leave a flawless smile in the end

Butterfly O Butterfly, let you give me a promise
You will travel miles before you rest,
You ought to rejoice the innumerable melancholy eyes
You have miles to fly before you sleep.

Gloaming !

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White pelette dissipates over the blue field, 
The darkness strengthens its dimension; 
Fishes imminent, sounds of humming everywhere; 
Unforeseen, black dots cover the blue field, 
followed by cool breeze, toddlers watch it weirdly,
she appears and mimics a lucrative smile to pacify me.


Do you remember me?

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It had been a long time since (the last time) she intended to spend her time around me. There was certain closeness between us, and consistently it was melted like ice. The affection and closeness towards me were gradually decreased. It might because she thought that her closeness with me would lead an awkward moment in front of others. At times, she giggled at me whenever she saw me with someone else. Especially, when the time her brother or sister was spending their time with me. Nowadays, she seldom looked at me, and it didn't stand up to a minute.

It was one of those days, when the sunshine was peeking through the curtains and fell into the eyes. I peeled my eyes open; cool breeze was hitting my face, and I felt blissful. I saw her, next to me; she was relentlessly wandering inside the house. She was getting ready to go to the expedition, and I was keeping my eyes on her. I was like "Why doesn't gaze at me?" but she didn't move her eyeball to my side. Until the time, she was fleeting into the door. She didn't have a single second to glance at me. I reminisced; it was not the first time; she eschewed me in that way. Primordially, she didn't treat me like this way. 

I glimpsed through memoirs at the time, when I stepped into her bare hands. I couldn't describe the happiness what I saw on her face on that day. I didn't forget the excitement in her altruistic eyes and dazzling smile upon her lips. Those were the days; I was like a pedestal, and she spent her most of the time with me. It was hard to see her anywhere without my presence. Moreover, she treated me like her kid and dressed me almost every day. She didn't care about "What I liked to wear?" Or "What I wanted to do?” Despite, I had given prior consequence to her happiness, and I was pretending as a mirror.

She always kept me on the right side of her bed and shared all her happiness, sadness and bitterness. She didn't forget to sing a lullaby in the late night. Almost every day, she sang this song in her bed. 

You and I; just like a star and the moon in the sky,
I vow; my affection for you is like sunshine; will never diminish,
I smile for you; you smile for me; we smile for us;
Hold my hand; let’s step into a new saga called dream;  
You and I; just like a star and the moon in the sky

I thought her affection towards me, was like sunshine. She cared me day and night; I didn't even care about my joyfulness. I smiled for her, cried for her and her happiness was my passion. Lately, I knew, it was just like a light from candles. Everything was changed, when she had grown up. She had thrown me out of her life and even didn't have an interest to look back at me.

Unforeseen, I felt the sound of a door opening; she came back to the home as it was raining. She stared at me and came forward to me, but she was watching the rain through the window nearby me. The rain drops splattered on my eyes through the window, and it was like tears rolling down from my eyes. She was watching outside, and I asked her "My name is Doll, Do you remember me?"


Indefinite Love !

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Girl holding moon
I sit here; now and then I can't stop staring at you,
I have sought you out to give a clue, why are you far away?
Can I come near you? My ferocious mind doesn't have a word to conquer;
Let's move into an era of eternal life into ecstasy;

I sit here; now and then I can't stop thinking about you, 
You resist; endure all the pains, never see you sad.
I wonder how you wear a flawless smile all the time.
With your shrewdness, you grasp all my worries; soar it away.

I sit here; now and then I can't stop mesmerizing to be by your side,
You oughta know how much you're beloved to me.
You are enigmatic and enchanting; just like a dream come alive. 
I am bewildered by the grandeur of your magnetic beauty.

I sit here; now and then I can't stop falling for you,
Howbeit my eyes move away from you; I feel obsolete;
As my thoughts get deeper and deeper, let me know.
How do I get you by my side? I'm a bit confused by your silence.


A walk with a mystic man !

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The day I was walking through the land of strangers, my mind was disseminated by the ambient scenery and step-by-step moved towards the monster's land.  As I was standing in front of void deck and stared at those heads who were rushing along the road. I had been asking myself "where are they going?" Even they didn't have the time to see who was passing them. I wondered, "Whether they have an appointment with God?" I nodded and slowly walked towards the place, where my eyes were witnessing a crowd with an expectation "I will talk with someone". When I was near that environment, I realized it was a children's park.

I crawled my feet into the park; my conscience had an intuition, like "I'm a bit familiar with this place, and these people will feel me amiable one". I saw two kids were playing in the sand with their plastic toys, few of the kids on see-saw and a sibling on the swing. Before I began my walk, I had a really good time with an unknown kid who gave me flying kiss even, and it was the reason for the intuition. I was surprised; none of the kids were looking at me, but all my visual were with them. I remembered the words of my friend "these people won't talk with us easily" and told myself, which includes kids too.

When the time I was moving away from the playing area, I didn't forget to leave my smile on those candid faces. I thought to go back to my room until I was stopped by an old man who might be in his 70s. He inquired about me; I was precisely answering for all his questions without any hesitation. Lately, I was trapped into his discourse and shot by his series of questions.  I knew well; a good conversation starts with a lot of questions, and I was virtually realizing it from him. Despite, Initially I never dared to raise a question. Time consumed, I started to ask my questions, and he interpreted everything in his own ways and ideas. 

He talked a lot about his culture, people, and lifestyle, told me about his wife, family and friends. He didn't forget to ask about my religion, culture, and as well about God. I was quite surprised by that kind of question, puzzled in some way, and I didn't expect either. He was talking at the regular intervals; I whispered myself. "Will I talk to any stranger like him?"  And sighed, "I won't". Apparently, I was looking for a talk with anyone before I started my walk; during the conversation with him, I felt, "It's enough for today". 

Moreover, we were talking for more than twenty-odd minutes, finally; we were about to leave. He asked my mobile number and exclaimed: "I was a pastor, and I would like to invite you for Bible reading, people gathering and so on".  I gave my number to him. However, on the other hand, my mind was filled by happiness as I didn't inform about "I'm an atheist". When I knew, he was a pastor, I doubted it might pave way for a debate, but blissfully I didn't tell him. We were tending away from each other and walked to our place. After some distance, I turned, and looked  at him revived "Whether he is God's man or God-man" 

It's gonna be a peaceful night

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When the moon showed its face; luminous stars were fading away
Clouds entwined together to sweep off, got ready for a riot
The road was impassable thro' the rain; staying away from the drizzle
creep-ed to the lawn of the endanger streets; sat alone
A vendor in the street, she turned her melancholy eyes on me,
I realized a baby girl tangled in her arm; passionately she tried to nourish
She soaked in the drizzling rain; showed the sign of poverty
And covered the bare head of her baby; assortment got wet 

My torn-mind kept rattling, my heart popped-out like a snake's head
It was getting dark; the moon tried to hide behind a cloud
I lingered the moon; to show brightness to her; it cheat-ed me
Thou' I would try to offer a help; her pride wouldn't allow it.

On that evening, she managed to sell most of the things
Sighed like drowsy; she initiated the move to her paradise
I glimpsed through the traces of her footsteps; the rain stopped
Let my arrow flew to them, I uttered the verse; "It's going to be a peaceful night"

It was never going to be an ordinary day !

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The sky was turning into darkness; the clouds were entwining together as a shelter to the sky, and the sun was ardour to hide behind the sky just like got shy by seeing an acquaintance. I sat on the corner of a bench in a roadside garden as I was waiting for her arrival. It had been a long time since the last time I  saw her and time by time I was losing my patience that she wasn't on time. Simultaneously, my mind was mesmerizing with that ambient scenery, and it was giving me the thought of her, my love. 

 She began her feet into my life when the time I was questioning myself who am I? I didn't get any convenient answers for my question, but the only thing I got that time was affection of her. The days when she was spending her time with me, she led my thoughts to a totally different kind of perspective. From my childhood day's onwards, I always had an affair towards her, but I hadn't any clue how she dragged me, and from when I started to dangle on her arms. 

She didn't like to see the tears in my graven face as she always vanished it with her tears of joy. Primordially, there was consistently a person against us who was trying to stop my relationship with her. Though, she never failed to leave a blissful smile in my eyes. When she was touching the palm of my hand, she gave a meaning to my life, and every time she was recalling my soul to say, "I'm always there whenever you need; I will never leave you alone". 

She had never supposed to wear a perfume, but the natural scent of her aroma was making me unstable, and it popped out my heart intensely. She was the one who proved to me that age difference doesn't matter when it comes to love as she was older than me. I was almost walking in a dreamy land because of the ambient scenery, and I lost myself in her thoughts. I didn't recognize myself until she was touching my palm, there was lightning and thundering around me as a sign of my love's arrival. As they were welcoming her, she was starting to flow from my head to the toe - - The Rain !  

Finally, she came, met and spent some time with me; "It was never going to be an ordinary day". 

Scribbles !

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Don't search me 
The day when I'm not with you,
The time when you’re thinking about me,
The hours when you're driving your memories to look behind,
The minutes when your heart is missing me, 
The seconds when your eyes are looking for me,
You have to realize I'm always within you as a smile on your lips,
Don't search me


She ain't my enemy

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The very first time when I saw her, it was not an ordinary day in my life. Obviously, for her also it was a special day. Neither I nor she was the reason for the importance or special. I meant it was not because we met, but we were witnessing first day in college life. I was seated in the second last row that everyone is strangers as I felt a bland smile in my face and was trying to bind with others. In such a crowded place, I easily spotted her; she was one among the two students who came to the function along with their whole family. I didn't like her at the very first time when my eyes met her. I couldn't figure out the exact reason, why I didn't like her when I don't know her. Even I had a thought; she shouldn't belong to my stream.

The very next day in my classroom when I turned right, saw her, and she was exactly opposite to my seat. Even I talked with her several times, and every-time it was fortuitous. Though I didn't have any intention to talk with her, but talked with her half-heartily. Everything was fine until the time; there was a small dispute between us. As I was really expecting a situation like that, I used of it. I didn't talk with her and started to avoid her. However, it wasn't even a brawl, it was a normal talk, and nothing was wrong with her side. In other words, intentionally I made it as a squabble. From that occasion onwards, I hurt her on various circumstances until the last day in college. I remember well; she was trying to talk with me on the last day in my college as usual I ignored and left the place. At that instant, I thought I wouldn't ever think about her once again in my life. 

After a period of two years, one of the things happened in my life droves my memory in a few years back, and it visualized the thoughts of her. As soon I remembered the whole incident happened between us and examined. I couldn't even answer the questions asked by my intuition and in the end, really ashamed of my behavior. How much cruel in my attitude, and I was completely wrong, in my opinion. 

It was almost four years; she was trying to talk with me, but I ignored her every single time. When the time I realized my mistake, I had an interest to talk with her. A few months later, I chatted with her on a social-networking site, and she was quite surprised. Even she didn't believe that I'm talking with her. I didn't ask sorry as whatever I had been made earlier was completely up to my knowledge. I felt talking with her is the better way rather than asking sorry, and I did it. It had been a period of six odd years to realize my mistake and still now I couldn't get the answer to the question "Why I didn't like her on that first day?"

Until now, I really heartbroken with my behavior and someday I would tell her "I'm sorry, you’re my friend

A Journey with a Friend !

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On a sunny evening, while the shadows from surrounding trees were acting as shelter and protecting us from the sunshine. I accompanied a friend, initiated the journey heading towards the highest mountain in the Nilgiri hills named as Doddabetta. We were encircling the road lined with huge trees in the mountain; sky started to look darker and darker. The little heat of the sunshine was overshadowed by cool breeze, kind of drizzling, which led to horripilation in my hands.  It might be around 15-20 minutes; we reached the parking area of the hill.

Instantly, we parked our vehicle and started to look at the surrounding scenery. We could see many vehicles that gave me an idea of the crowd.  From there on-wards, we continued the journey by foot, and we were passing the time by watching trespass shop on either side of the path. It took merely five minutes to reach desired place. As I expected earlier, it was really crowded around the spot. I was able to evidence different kind of people and accent. While I was sightseeing, my friend was moving to the other side of the place.

I started to follow my friend in-between; I saw a group of people who were focusing towards a person. However, my friend was moving towards the nearby valley; I supposed to follow him. Within a few minutes, we reached the valley, I stopped walking, but my friend continued his walk and entered the jungle. I was sitting on a little rock near the valley and started to look through the beauty of nature.  We spent hardly ten minutes near the valley and when the time my friend returned from the jungle, we started to move towards the parking area.

While walking back, my eyes were focused on the group and once again got my amenity. I saw a person who was an artist by profession, and he was drawing the image of the human faces. I was watching his drawing skills. Suddenly, my friend insisted me to leave the place. Someone was smoking in a smoking prohibited public place, and it caused coughing to my friend. Soon we were walking out of the particular place. Meanwhile, my friend was rushing to approach the guard to give a complaint about the smoking of a person in a banned place. 

Initially, there was not at all a good response from them and even a bit negligent about my friend's proposal. I was brawling with my friend "why are you making this as an issue, and they are not even responding to you?"  Even so, he gently replied, "It doesn't matter whether they are going to take action, but it's my duty to tell about it". In other-words, I could say as "perform your duties without expecting any reward for it".  Usually, I'm one among the people who doesn't like that kind of offense in a public place, but never dare to take action against it. At that instant, my friend's word left me speechless and made me feel like an awkward moment.

Simultaneously, I listened to the voice of a guard giving instruction to another guard "Just go there and check, at least for his words (my friend) ". Later, we continued our walk to the parking area.

Everyone and everything around you is your teacher. ~Ken Keyes, Jr.

As like above quote I learned a good thing from my friend, and it was an another message in a journey. A Journey with a Friend.


Just a click !

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Language isn't a barrier

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On that particular day, I was quite early reached the railway station. The train arrived at the concerned platform, even ready for the departure. Without any delay, I rushed to find my seat, and I left with disappointment after I saw my seat because it wasn't a window seat. Nevertheless, the train wasn't that much crowded especially in my compartment.  So, I was easily managed to get a window seat which was exactly opposite to my booked seat. After almost half-a-hour, the train began its journey and moving towards its destination.

After sometimes, I made up my mind to read a book titled as "who will cry when you die". I was pretending like I’m busy with reading the book, but I was watching the ambient scenery which was moving slowing from my eyesight while breezes were shooting my face. During that period, I felt someone was watching me (kind of intuition). I saw nearly five - six members belonged to a single-family and the one who was watching me might be 10 years old little girl. I visualized a smile in her face when I turned my face towards her.

Lately, I had noticed she was trying to get my attention by playing, shouting, dancing and doing something naughty. She succeeded in her efforts; finally, she transported my attention from outside scenery to towards her. After she got my full attention, she started to do a different kind of stuffs (even singing too); in between she didn't forget to make sure that I was watching her. Later, she started to hide her eyes and peeking through the holes in-between her hands and laughed at me. I guessed she wanted someone to watch her activities as she was bored with travelling. Though, I didn't want to see the disappointment in her face. So I was keeping my eyes towards her.

It was the time; she was reaching near to the destination while her parents were busy with handling luggage. It was almost two odd hours; she did that kind of activities, even so it had been passed just like a few minutes. Whenever the train reached that particular destination, she was standing in front of me, and I guessed she was trying to say "Good Bye”. And the funny thing was that we don't know each other's language. I just came forward raised my eyes, nodded my head and looked at her. The smile in her face was disappearing from my view, and the train started to move. This incident made me  feel "language isn't a barrier" to show affection.

Do you worry ?

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Do you worry? Whether worrying gives you something? Have you ever felt changes in your lives? Have you ever asked yourself “Why are you worrying”? Do you ever try to stop worrying?  Probably, yes would be the answer to most of the questions. Before you get ready to think about those questions, I would like to share my experience. 

Many years ago; I had been thinking much about the puzzling way of life & career and started to worry. Day by day, I started to worry too much. Suppose, if I had some free time very soon, I was starting to worry about everything. Alike, I was waiting for the time to start worrying. When the time I asked myself "Why I'm worrying?" I visualized a drastic change within me and in my career as well. Even I had some backlogs in my examinations.
“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow. - Swedish Proverb”

If tomorrow is the last day ?

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I reminisce, from the period "2012" film released onwards; there are so many rumors and speculation among everyone about the end of the world. Apparently, I didn't have an intention to annotate, and even I know nothing about this scenario. In recent times, one of my friends also got "2012" syndrome. A day before my friend asked me “Do you think the world would end in 2012? Without any delay, I borrowed the words of James Dean and responded in my own style as  

 “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

 I thought myself; it was the perfect answer (kind of narcissistic) for that question.  Behind that time, I started to think a lot about that question, and my imagination led to a whimsical question "what will I do if tomorrow is the last day?”. Though, as a pragmatist person, I don't feel much if tomorrow is my last day?  Nevertheless, I started to figure out “what are the things that I would like to do?” I have been separated my life into three categories and listed the things what I would like to do in each category. 


Once again, I wanna be a kid !

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Have you ever imagined your world around kids?  I wonder how many of you would like to spend your time with little kids. Concretely, I like to spend most of my time with them, but I spend at least one hour per day. Most of the neighbours around my home had kids (I mean baby) when the time I grew up. I think that is the reason why I am addicted to spend my time with kids.

One of the most important reasons, why I like to spend my time with kids is my selfishness. Indeed, reason is nothing but for my mind relaxation. Just imagine a hectic day with full of stress, frustration and depression. In that situation if I supposed to splurge a half-hour with kids’, wholeness will be alright and very soon my mind will be free. I cannot even compare anything to their invaluable smiles, innocent mien in their face, and veracious tears in their eyes when the time I bother them. There is no such evil thing in their smiles like some human being. I cannot describe that kind of feeling. I guess everyone should feel it rather than from my words.

The value of life !

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It was the time, I walked along the lonely road. I was trying to move out quickly from the abandoned road to reach my home. I was haunting that my parents might look for me as it was already too late to reach the home. I was barely able to walk, and the ambient scenery was moving too slow. Subsequently, I observed a group of people, and I was hurrying towards them with an excitation.
When I was reaching the crowd, people were arguing something seriously by pointing their hands to the middle of a group. Without any delay, I  rushed into the spot to see "what has happened?"  A person had died who might be around my age. I could not be able to see his face because his head was crooked downwards. Furthermore, I was trying to see his face. Meanwhile, another guy was trying to bend over that person to see his face. 

When the time, I saw the face of the person, I'm shocked that I was almost crying. It was hard to believe whatever my eyes were witnessing that time. That person was so familiar with me, he had been with me every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every beat of my heart. As I was trying to touch that person, but I could not. I was starting to urge everyone "I'm still alive" but no one listened to my words. In fact, I was not exposed to them.


Once upon a time - A bus journey

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Whenever I stepped into steps, bus started to move out of the interchange. I always would prefer a window seat, and the reason is, I could figure out what's happening outside. On that particular day, it was really crowded. However, I got a seat, but not a window seat. Meanwhile, the bus moved out of the city. After a few stages, a man who was seating near me alighted. Soon I crawled into the window seat. 

My head turned and eyes began to focus on outside views through the window, while the bus was moving at an average speed. Later sometimes, the bus stopped in a stage, but there was no sign of passengers' movement.  As a curious guy I stood up from my seat to see what happens. There was a man may be around 30 years of age who was trying to step into the bus. Actually, the man was a physically disabled person who couldn't walk.  Finally, he entered the bus. One of the co-passengers left his seat to him. 


A Journey for love !

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My journey begins from the place where there is no sign of known faces. Though that place is where I have been grown up. I moved my feet forward, as soon my mind started to chew up memories. It was years back, I saw that girl nearer to my home (Actually she was waiting for me). She was one of the few friends who were inevitable in my life. Indeed, I never had any intention though roamed often with her. On that particular second when I saw her, my intuition said, "She is the one who was born for me”. I do not know why I felt like that way. Perhaps, it is “Love”.

Exactly, after ten days from that incident I told her about my feelings. She was my good friend even though the girl within herself made to leave speechlessly. I could say, she was shocked due to my words. It was a matter of fifteen-minute silences around us, she decamped the place. She left without saying any word. "She almost left from my life".


Lost and Found - An Incredible Incident !

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Over years back, my day began when I started to find the mobile around my bed. Just like any other guy of my age, I used to wake up with my mobile. As soon as I sent morning greetings in all the social networking sites, after sometimes, I got a message from a person who was from southern India  and his message was
    Whether you used XYZ messenger? Do you remember me?
That question puzzled me and I started to grind my mind to remember about him. I felt very comfortable that he might know me well, at least know me due to the confidence level in his question.

Who is he? 
"Who is he?” - Those questions drove my memories back to a year ago. It was the time, I began my walk in to a new world which is completely different from my reality world. I always had turmoils around my new world. As a newbie netizen, I always had a dilemma about people, "whether they are believable or trust-able". I’m quite frightened to talk to someone.

During that time, I came to know that person through a messenger website. He was an amiable guy even though I hesitated to accept him in my contact list due to the bad thoughts I had about online people. With a lot of confusion, I accepted his request. Days moved on, I started to believe him and we were chatting almost every day. We started to discuss about many different things, just like real friends, and even shared about our personal lives too.

After 6 months, we lost contact and were never able to contact each other again because we didn't exchange our details. Frankly, I never had a thought about him until I received that message. I realised that "he is my old friend". I messaged him back, “I remember you and glad you recognised me."

From that day onwards we became good friends. I’m glad to say he was the very first person I met from the online world. 

It is an incredible incident in my life, the way he found me from an ocean (twitter) without any details about me is simply amazing.  I don’t know whether everyone had an experience in their life like my journey. Well, I have to say these things as “Lost and Found - An Incredible Incident ”.

She walked out of my dream !

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It was an early Friday morning as I woke up really early due to the excitement of meeting someone who will be a part of my future, my life. It was the very first time that I felt very interested to spend my time with a girl. Things moved firmly and it was time to meet her. As soon as I recognized her, I am left speechless and I said to myself “She is Beautiful" more than I expected. But there was not much reaction from her side when she saw me. Well, she could mesmerize anyone.

Soon we started to walk away from that place. She was too fast and I followed her like a kid. (It’s worth to mention about her simplicity) Even though I knew that she was a rich girl, she was very simple, simply like how my girl should be. I thought golden times in my life starts from here. (But it ended within a few minutes actually). And we reached a place to have our lunch.