It was never going to be an ordinary day !

Posted by Kannan B On Sunday, May 13, 2012 5 comments

The sky was turning into darkness; the clouds were entwining together as a shelter to the sky, and the sun was ardour to hide behind the sky just like got shy by seeing an acquaintance. I sat on the corner of a bench in a roadside garden as I was waiting for her arrival. It had been a long time since the last time I  saw her and time by time I was losing my patience that she wasn't on time. Simultaneously, my mind was mesmerizing with that ambient scenery, and it was giving me the thought of her, my love. 

 She began her feet into my life when the time I was questioning myself who am I? I didn't get any convenient answers for my question, but the only thing I got that time was affection of her. The days when she was spending her time with me, she led my thoughts to a totally different kind of perspective. From my childhood day's onwards, I always had an affair towards her, but I hadn't any clue how she dragged me, and from when I started to dangle on her arms. 

She didn't like to see the tears in my graven face as she always vanished it with her tears of joy. Primordially, there was consistently a person against us who was trying to stop my relationship with her. Though, she never failed to leave a blissful smile in my eyes. When she was touching the palm of my hand, she gave a meaning to my life, and every time she was recalling my soul to say, "I'm always there whenever you need; I will never leave you alone". 

She had never supposed to wear a perfume, but the natural scent of her aroma was making me unstable, and it popped out my heart intensely. She was the one who proved to me that age difference doesn't matter when it comes to love as she was older than me. I was almost walking in a dreamy land because of the ambient scenery, and I lost myself in her thoughts. I didn't recognize myself until she was touching my palm, there was lightning and thundering around me as a sign of my love's arrival. As they were welcoming her, she was starting to flow from my head to the toe - - The Rain !  

Finally, she came, met and spent some time with me; "It was never going to be an ordinary day". 


Ritika said...

Wow..very beautifully written !

Ritika said...

wow..really beautifully written :)

Kannan said...

@Ritika Thank You :)

judy said...

lol...... how lucky she is.....

Richter Jackrussels said...

You had me going till the end ... nicely done!
Good luck with the competition.

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