Birth, Love, Lie and Death - Scribbles!

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 0 comments
Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming,
Cool breeze; Fallen leaves scatter and gather,
Let the morning sun touch the earth!

A Heart is full of love and desire.
The soul meets love; Desire feels love;
Silence prevails everywhere!

She wears a smile,
As big as the moon,
It brightens everyone's day!

Every life has a miniature heart;
Demise sends it to the moon.
It shines like a star until a soul seeks it! 

Love: Is it called destiny?

Posted by Kannan B On Thursday, January 16, 2014 0 comments
I took a glance at the time;
I smiled to hide my sorrows;
Where I fell down and hurt myself.
Inside, heart was filled by tears.
People named it fate; I called it life.
I let my heart's desire to guide me.
Life led me to an undesirable spot , 
On the way, I saw you near me.
I wanted to stop and know you,
As well as the reason of the solitary smile.
When I asked you, I came to know that;
We were moving into the same horizon.
That moment when I was with you, 
You made me so close, to feel alive.
If I had a pen, I would let you know;
How you made me feel?  
You might know how things changed.
Lately, a lot of things happened.
I didn't know where I was,
I just knew I was with you,
If I were a mind reader, I could read you.
I wasn't a prophet either, then
I decided to follow your shadows.
I hid my feelings all the time, deep inside me.

Thou I hate you, cause you made to fall.
Even so, I love you, cause I'm not same without you.

And today, 
I'm scared to follow my heart's desire.
I wonder  "Is it called destiny?" 


I walk - Seeking an Oasis

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, January 03, 2014 0 comments
I walk..
Thro' the path what life has shown me,
I shroud my expectation with a smile.

I walk..
As far as the moonlight fades away,
Until  the rise of  dawn and dusk.

I walk..
Now and then to get closer to you,
Whenever you  keep me away.

I walk...
Tho the path is difficult to travel;
I love all the moments with you.

I walk..
With a fear, "If you don't know my odyssey",
But your fear is different from mine.

I walk..
To increase my heart beat, then
I can see your smile as much as I breathe.

I walk..
And I throw my hands in the air;
You might have been seeking me.

I walk..
Alone all the way with a thought,
Someday you will walk with me,
Every second of you.