The gifted life

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, April 12, 2013 0 comments

At the sight of dawn,
Little bird soars in to the sky, 
She glitters in the sunlight
Where does she go?

She travels among the clouds 
Feathered creature flies high
Little wings don't give pain? 
Is it freedom or fate?

A cluster of pale tails follow her, 
She never leaves anyone alone
Little tweety knows power of unity, 
Is it virtue or weakness?

At the sight of noon, 
Little bird feeds her baby, 
She knows how to be a mother?
Where does she learn it?

Chirping bird has a beautiful voice
Little tweety sings all the time,
Tho she doesn't sing for others.
Is it selfish or selfless?

At the sight of dusk,
Little bird sits on a grove,
She spreads happiness, 
Is it called gifted life?