Don't I care about your smile?

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 1 comments
My dear Jane,

There was a time, 
I loved to see the smile,
Whenever I saw the smile,
I too smiled.
Happiness was on my lips only. 

And today,
I love to see the smile,
But In every smile,
Your face comes to my mind,
I just see your smile.

The smile on your lips;
It makes my heart smiles;
I always try to get your best smile;
For me, Happiness is your smile.
It makes my heart pop out. 

I smile in our hard times.
It's not to show I'm happy;
I don't wanna see your sad face;
I smile because to tell you.
I wanna see your smiling face. 

With love,


Life is beautiful!

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, February 21, 2014 1 comments
Where do we come from?
I do not know.
What are we supposed to do?
I can't find it.
What are we upto?
My will leads me to seek it.
When I begin to question,
Life becomes interesting. 

It makes to think about,
Life; Reality and Dreams.
Dreams are the reason to live.
When I give life to dream,
Reality scares me about the future,
Desire is the reason for suffering;
Not pain; Life isn't a bed of roses,
Then I see the other side of fear. 

To be successful, They ask us to;
Fall in love with everything we do,
And embrace the love within us.
Yeah! I love you up to the moon and back,
Life is dynamic, It has seasons,
Reasons, changes, chances and more.
Every day is a day to shine and smile,
That's why I say "Life is beautiful"

A letter without recipient!!

Posted by Kannan B On Tuesday, February 04, 2014 0 comments

I know you like to see me from long distance, when your boundary is infinite, I wonder why do you always revolve around me. At times, I feel like you're moving away from me.  It takes a very longtime to discern that you intend to follow me. Sometimes I just want to see you in my life, but my desire wants to live with you until the last breath. 

Every single soul in this world may love you, and they may feel like me for you. I know they have better words than me to get near you.  You may think that I have the shadows of others. Even so, my love for you doesn't have the shadows of anyone. Every time when I see you smile; I don't want to be the reason of your smile. I want to be your 'smile'. 

You don't know that,
I'm not a good singer,
I insist to sing for you;
I will sing for you only -
Something like a lullaby. 

The moment when you're not with me, you're not only making me blind, but I see the whole world is blind . I fear that I can't impress you. When you're with me, I lead my foot without any fear even when my eyes are blindfolded.

In the best books I read,  they say, "love is beautiful with a lie!" Now I know, "why my love is not beautiful!"

Every time when I'm feeling blue, you ask me, "Stay, little cheerful and stay calm." You always forget to tell, "Where can I find the peace?  Where do you want me to stay?  I can't focus and  find comfort  anywhere else on earth." When I try to speak, you hide your emotions behind the eyelids and warned about future. 

We have faced dark days; you may have thought like, "I will become one of the someone." I know, but I don't know how to curb those fear.  So I sow some new plans, then you may know me when we reap happiness together.

The whole world knows that you're the only one for this universe, but  you're the only one I have now. 

All these things lead you to stop your journey towards me. Now,you want me to stay away from you. I stay calm, even when you want to bid farewell to me. I decide to see you from long distance as like you see me. Both of us can see other. Where no one will know about me, while everyone loves you, which include me too. 
Love :)

Birth, Love, Lie and Death - Scribbles!

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 0 comments
Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming,
Cool breeze; Fallen leaves scatter and gather,
Let the morning sun touch the earth!

A Heart is full of love and desire.
The soul meets love; Desire feels love;
Silence prevails everywhere!

She wears a smile,
As big as the moon,
It brightens everyone's day!

Every life has a miniature heart;
Demise sends it to the moon.
It shines like a star until a soul seeks it! 

Love: Is it called destiny?

Posted by Kannan B On Thursday, January 16, 2014 0 comments
I took a glance at the time;
I smiled to hide my sorrows;
Where I fell down and hurt myself.
Inside, heart was filled by tears.
People named it fate; I called it life.
I let my heart's desire to guide me.
Life led me to an undesirable spot , 
On the way, I saw you near me.
I wanted to stop and know you,
As well as the reason of the solitary smile.
When I asked you, I came to know that;
We were moving into the same horizon.
That moment when I was with you, 
You made me so close, to feel alive.
If I had a pen, I would let you know;
How you made me feel?  
You might know how things changed.
Lately, a lot of things happened.
I didn't know where I was,
I just knew I was with you,
If I were a mind reader, I could read you.
I wasn't a prophet either, then
I decided to follow your shadows.
I hid my feelings all the time, deep inside me.

Thou I hate you, cause you made to fall.
Even so, I love you, cause I'm not same without you.

And today, 
I'm scared to follow my heart's desire.
I wonder  "Is it called destiny?" 


I walk - Seeking an Oasis

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, January 03, 2014 0 comments
I walk..
Thro' the path what life has shown me,
I shroud my expectation with a smile.

I walk..
As far as the moonlight fades away,
Until  the rise of  dawn and dusk.

I walk..
Now and then to get closer to you,
Whenever you  keep me away.

I walk...
Tho the path is difficult to travel;
I love all the moments with you.

I walk..
With a fear, "If you don't know my odyssey",
But your fear is different from mine.

I walk..
To increase my heart beat, then
I can see your smile as much as I breathe.

I walk..
And I throw my hands in the air;
You might have been seeking me.

I walk..
Alone all the way with a thought,
Someday you will walk with me,
Every second of you. 

Start over!

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, December 20, 2013 0 comments
As long as you walk away from me,
I dread, you might forget to remember me,
I intend to follow every step of you,
At times, I hide behind your shadows. 

Thou my walk for you will never stop;
I can see the distance between us,
Day by day, time by time; it gets longer;
However, distance keeps our souls nearer. 

I face every single day like a new day, 
Let the soul to embrace and cradle you;
I'm long to see the smile on your face;
I have been waiting for it, a longtime. 

This precious moment will never come back,
Thou silence is the only thing stick us together. 
I regret to feel regret for you, 
Let us make a start over to rejoice,
            The journey of life.