It's gonna be a peaceful night

Posted by Kannan B On Saturday, June 09, 2012 7 comments
When the moon showed its face; luminous stars were fading away
Clouds entwined together to sweep off, got ready for a riot
The road was impassable thro' the rain; staying away from the drizzle
creep-ed to the lawn of the endanger streets; sat alone
A vendor in the street, she turned her melancholy eyes on me,
I realized a baby girl tangled in her arm; passionately she tried to nourish
She soaked in the drizzling rain; showed the sign of poverty
And covered the bare head of her baby; assortment got wet 

My torn-mind kept rattling, my heart popped-out like a snake's head
It was getting dark; the moon tried to hide behind a cloud
I lingered the moon; to show brightness to her; it cheat-ed me
Thou' I would try to offer a help; her pride wouldn't allow it.

On that evening, she managed to sell most of the things
Sighed like drowsy; she initiated the move to her paradise
I glimpsed through the traces of her footsteps; the rain stopped
Let my arrow flew to them, I uttered the verse; "It's going to be a peaceful night"


Leonardo said...

Beautifully written! :)

Someone is Special said...

Let my arrow flew to them, I uttered the verse; "It's going to be a peaceful night" - Very beautifully written.. :-)

Helen Richter said...

Heartwrenching...quite beautiful.
Best of luck in the competition.

Simran said...

Beautifully expressed :)

Kannan said...

Leonardo, Someone is Special, Helen Richter, And Simran thank You very much :)

Viyoma said...

Superbly expressed, Cud actually visualize each description mentioned therein.

JJ said...

The last line was the most powerful in the poem. Good one. :)

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