A walk with a mystic man !

Posted by Kannan B On Monday, June 25, 2012 0 comments

The day I was walking through the land of strangers, my mind was disseminated by the ambient scenery and step-by-step moved towards the monster's land.  As I was standing in front of void deck and stared at those heads who were rushing along the road. I had been asking myself "where are they going?" Even they didn't have the time to see who was passing them. I wondered, "Whether they have an appointment with God?" I nodded and slowly walked towards the place, where my eyes were witnessing a crowd with an expectation "I will talk with someone". When I was near that environment, I realized it was a children's park.

I crawled my feet into the park; my conscience had an intuition, like "I'm a bit familiar with this place, and these people will feel me amiable one". I saw two kids were playing in the sand with their plastic toys, few of the kids on see-saw and a sibling on the swing. Before I began my walk, I had a really good time with an unknown kid who gave me flying kiss even, and it was the reason for the intuition. I was surprised; none of the kids were looking at me, but all my visual were with them. I remembered the words of my friend "these people won't talk with us easily" and told myself, which includes kids too.

When the time I was moving away from the playing area, I didn't forget to leave my smile on those candid faces. I thought to go back to my room until I was stopped by an old man who might be in his 70s. He inquired about me; I was precisely answering for all his questions without any hesitation. Lately, I was trapped into his discourse and shot by his series of questions.  I knew well; a good conversation starts with a lot of questions, and I was virtually realizing it from him. Despite, Initially I never dared to raise a question. Time consumed, I started to ask my questions, and he interpreted everything in his own ways and ideas. 

He talked a lot about his culture, people, and lifestyle, told me about his wife, family and friends. He didn't forget to ask about my religion, culture, and as well about God. I was quite surprised by that kind of question, puzzled in some way, and I didn't expect either. He was talking at the regular intervals; I whispered myself. "Will I talk to any stranger like him?"  And sighed, "I won't". Apparently, I was looking for a talk with anyone before I started my walk; during the conversation with him, I felt, "It's enough for today". 

Moreover, we were talking for more than twenty-odd minutes, finally; we were about to leave. He asked my mobile number and exclaimed: "I was a pastor, and I would like to invite you for Bible reading, people gathering and so on".  I gave my number to him. However, on the other hand, my mind was filled by happiness as I didn't inform about "I'm an atheist". When I knew, he was a pastor, I doubted it might pave way for a debate, but blissfully I didn't tell him. We were tending away from each other and walked to our place. After some distance, I turned, and looked  at him revived "Whether he is God's man or God-man" 


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