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Don't search me 
The day when I'm not with you,
The time when you’re thinking about me,
The hours when you're driving your memories to look behind,
The minutes when your heart is missing me, 
The seconds when your eyes are looking for me,
You have to realize I'm always within you as a smile on your lips,
Don't search me


You're so near me; I can feel it
Whenever I try to pluck, you are an illusion.
You lighten my ways when I move around darkness. 
You're mesmerizing me with the twinkling smile
I want to be part of the cluster... Star 

An Angel 

Come to my hands, just hold my finger
Let you sleep in my palm, my hand will be smoothing you 
You will be lost in dreams;
In the dream, I will sit near you
I will be mesmerized by your beautiful sleep.

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