If tomorrow is the last day ?

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I reminisce, from the period "2012" film released onwards; there are so many rumors and speculation among everyone about the end of the world. Apparently, I didn't have an intention to annotate, and even I know nothing about this scenario. In recent times, one of my friends also got "2012" syndrome. A day before my friend asked me “Do you think the world would end in 2012? Without any delay, I borrowed the words of James Dean and responded in my own style as  

 “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

 I thought myself; it was the perfect answer (kind of narcissistic) for that question.  Behind that time, I started to think a lot about that question, and my imagination led to a whimsical question "what will I do if tomorrow is the last day?”. Though, as a pragmatist person, I don't feel much if tomorrow is my last day?  Nevertheless, I started to figure out “what are the things that I would like to do?” I have been separated my life into three categories and listed the things what I would like to do in each category. 

I’m such a nostalgic person. Usually, I spend my times at home alone. I would like to do. 
  • Just like everybody else I would like to spend my last time with them. I hope; it will be like a Sabbath.
  • It's my responsibility to give enough persuasions to persist their life without me. 
  • I won't get angry and won't brawl with my Amma (mom) at-least that day.
  • I will have the food in time at least on that day.

When I come to friends, I have some pleasant set of friends sometimes I felt I'm really the luckiest person by having them in my life. However, I knew that I'm not a good friend to every one of them (such an attitude) .
  • I will call everyone of my friends, whoever I considering as my close friend (Normally I don't call anyone such a stingy guy LOL Not really)
  • If possible, I will try to meet them.
  • I will try to attend all the calls from my friends (Again my attitude here. I don't attend all  of my calls)
  • *I won't get angry with any one of them.

In my personal life, I don't have much interest to do anything, but I like everything whatever I do, such a pococurante person. The things I would like to do in this category will stop you with a laugh.
  • No I'm not I'm not food lover, but I love chicken briyani so my first preference goes to chicken (Delicious! Yummy :P)
  • Secondly, I would prefer to have some chocolate (By Saying! Why chocolate is so tasty)
  • Finally, I will like to meet a girl in the morning, will propose her in noon and will get to marry in the evening (Really, tough job, but I have to do. Kidding)

Moreover, these are all the stuffs that I would like to do. After-all, I have a desire that my life should like this Ancient Sanskrit saying,
"When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced, Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice"
Interestingly, my friend led me to a weird question. And the weirdness ends here as "If tomorrow is the last day" 
P.S: Everything in this post is my imagination. 


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