Once again, I wanna be a kid !

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Have you ever imagined your world around kids?  I wonder how many of you would like to spend your time with little kids. Concretely, I like to spend most of my time with them, but I spend at least one hour per day. Most of the neighbours around my home had kids (I mean baby) when the time I grew up. I think that is the reason why I am addicted to spend my time with kids.

One of the most important reasons, why I like to spend my time with kids is my selfishness. Indeed, reason is nothing but for my mind relaxation. Just imagine a hectic day with full of stress, frustration and depression. In that situation if I supposed to splurge a half-hour with kids’, wholeness will be alright and very soon my mind will be free. I cannot even compare anything to their invaluable smiles, innocent mien in their face, and veracious tears in their eyes when the time I bother them. There is no such evil thing in their smiles like some human being. I cannot describe that kind of feeling. I guess everyone should feel it rather than from my words.

Most of the weekends I like to spend my evening time in front of my home. There is only reason behind this thing that is I like to watch the kids who are playing in the field nearer my home. I do not know exactly from when on-wards; I'm doing this kind of instinct. It's worth mentioning a small incident that has happened on one of the days during a weekend. 

It was a weekend evening, there was a cluster of kids who was playing together maybe around one - three years or older. After sometime, I saw a new guy around three years of age who came to his granny's home. Initially, the new kid was not approaching someone to play with them. Indeed, he was familiar with this place, and there was some family dispute between their families, so I guess he hesitated to approach them. However, the one who is in-between the group, sighing him to join with them. As I am really impressed with kid's behaviour, I swear only kids can have that kind of mind. I like to remember these lyrics (Sleeping Child by MLTR). 

If all the people around the world
They had a mind like yours
We’d have no fighting and no wars
There would be lasting peace on Earth 

There was an incident; one of my friends told me that she was crying cause of depression. When the time my friend's niece saw the tears in eyes, she went near my friend and wiped my friend's tears with her soft hands.  And told my friend "don't cry". She said that her niece was looking like an Angel. Likewise, it’s really hard to describe about their kindness.

I don't know exactly how many of you would like to spend your time with kids. Hopefully most of them, if not then you must try that thing, especially when the time you're mentally upset. I hope everyone aware of that below proverb. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

We should pretend as a kid when the time you're with a kid .There would be lasting peace on Earth when we have a mind set like kids and this thing makes me to say “Once again, I wanna be a kid..


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