The value of life !

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It was the time, I walked along the lonely road. I was trying to move out quickly from the abandoned road to reach my home. I was haunting that my parents might look for me as it was already too late to reach the home. I was barely able to walk, and the ambient scenery was moving too slow. Subsequently, I observed a group of people, and I was hurrying towards them with an excitation.
When I was reaching the crowd, people were arguing something seriously by pointing their hands to the middle of a group. Without any delay, I  rushed into the spot to see "what has happened?"  A person had died who might be around my age. I could not be able to see his face because his head was crooked downwards. Furthermore, I was trying to see his face. Meanwhile, another guy was trying to bend over that person to see his face. 

When the time, I saw the face of the person, I'm shocked that I was almost crying. It was hard to believe whatever my eyes were witnessing that time. That person was so familiar with me, he had been with me every day, every hour, every minute, every second, and every beat of my heart. As I was trying to touch that person, but I could not. I was starting to urge everyone "I'm still alive" but no one listened to my words. In fact, I was not exposed to them.

When the time I was starting to think about my parents, tears kept rolling from my eyes. I wished to talk with my parents, friends and everyone who ever I knew in my life. I thought about the people who was backstabbing and betrayed in my life as I forgave everything at the very instant. I felt so sad about some of the things I did in my lifetime. Regrets, countless unanswerable questions. 

When the time, I confirmed "I'm dead". Suddenly, I woke up from the bed and sat up with a panicking face, sweats dripping from my body. After sometimes I realized, it was a dream.  When I understood the value of my parents and my friends, it was really so hard to illustrate the state of my mind. I should not avoid anyone in my life, "what will happen if suppose they do not see me again, or I do not?  Only regrets will happen." It was suspicious, if I supposed to forgive people even after my death, why should not now?  Of course, No regrets in the future too. And the secret of life is love.  As I read from a book.  

"Life is nothing but live happily and to be fun around with everyone's

A dream that taught me the importance and worth of my life. Obviously, I'm happy that I perceived “The value of  life.” 

Credits : Dany Pong
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