Once upon a time - A bus journey

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Whenever I stepped into steps, bus started to move out of the interchange. I always would prefer a window seat, and the reason is, I could figure out what's happening outside. On that particular day, it was really crowded. However, I got a seat, but not a window seat. Meanwhile, the bus moved out of the city. After a few stages, a man who was seating near me alighted. Soon I crawled into the window seat. 

My head turned and eyes began to focus on outside views through the window, while the bus was moving at an average speed. Later sometimes, the bus stopped in a stage, but there was no sign of passengers' movement.  As a curious guy I stood up from my seat to see what happens. There was a man may be around 30 years of age who was trying to step into the bus. Actually, the man was a physically disabled person who couldn't walk.  Finally, he entered the bus. One of the co-passengers left his seat to him. 

Instantly, I was starting to look outside and the bus started to move. When the time I saw a woman, the bus reached the next stage.  She was an old woman who was working in her field and the perspiration from her face gave me an idea about her hard work. My eyes were watching her continuously when the time she disappeared from my eyesight’s. It was time, the bus reached nearer to my destination. In a short time, I was walking towards the back end of the bus.  In an intervening time, the bus stopped at a place, the last stage before my destination point.  I saw a kid who was smiling and waving his hands towards his father (He started his journey from that place). Soon, I reached my destination and alighted. 

When I started to walk towards my home, I started to think about those incidents. I impressed with  the confidence of the physically disabled person. He was struggling when he gets into the bus, though he didn't approach anyone to help him.
Confidence is key. Sometimes, you need to look like you're confident even when you're not.-Vanessa Hudgens
As like above quote, the confidence is the key to everything. Even the confidence of that person was more worthy than his money. In fact, my confidence level boosted up after that incident. When I reminded about that old woman, I was really ashamed of me even at that age, she was very active and hard worker. But, I'm such a guy who was even lazy to save my friend's contact number. I made a decision to be active at least I should try. Last, but not the least, Baby's smile.
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight - Phyllis Diller
I guessed, that baby might be around ten months - one year and his smile would make anyone to smile. It made me to smile. I reminded about my mom's word that she always asked me to smile because there was lack of smile on my face. Today, I understand the value of a smile and it's pleasures. Three things i.e., Confidence, Hard work, and smile, I learned from this journey were essential for the life. I nodded and walked towards my home.


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