A Journey for love !

Posted by Kannan B On Monday, January 30, 2012 2 comments
My journey begins from the place where there is no sign of known faces. Though that place is where I have been grown up. I moved my feet forward, as soon my mind started to chew up memories. It was years back, I saw that girl nearer to my home (Actually she was waiting for me). She was one of the few friends who were inevitable in my life. Indeed, I never had any intention though roamed often with her. On that particular second when I saw her, my intuition said, "She is the one who was born for me”. I do not know why I felt like that way. Perhaps, it is “Love”.

Exactly, after ten days from that incident I told her about my feelings. She was my good friend even though the girl within herself made to leave speechlessly. I could say, she was shocked due to my words. It was a matter of fifteen-minute silences around us, she decamped the place. She left without saying any word. "She almost left from my life".

A week passed, I received a phone call from her, and she said, "I want to meet you". Despite, I met her two to three times, but there was no exchange of words between us until that call. I went to meet her. I was totally surprised because of freestyle (loose) hair and ash on her forehead. I told her many times "I love it when you wear ash (kumkum) and freestyle". Nevertheless, she never did both things together even I asked her a lot of times "Why do not wear freestyle hair and ash (kumkum) on same time?”. Always, her answer was a smile. Whatever my eyes witnessing that day gives me confidence that "she loves me," and my confidence got a life after a few minutes.

Days moved into week, weeks into month and months into a year. There was a very healthy relationship between us. She was very cupid, once I asked her "Why do you like/love me?" Most of the people would say, "I like the way you are" for the word's sake. However, she just replied why she loved me. That is enough to say about her. Everything was fine until my judgment day. I got a job in another end of the globe. I told her about it but she was sad. Later, she convinced that is good for me. I left my country with a pain in my heart when she asked me "How much you like me?"

At present, after two years I am walking towards to meet her. I didn't inform her about my arrival to my hometown. I want to give her a surprise. Today, I will give an answer by offering a ring to her that's a perfect answer for her question, and she will know how much, I like her and my "A Journey for love" continues.

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Nice!.. :) all the best...

Kannan B said...

@No one You know well it's a fiction. you know the reality too.

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