Lost and Found - An Incredible Incident !

Posted by Kannan B On Sunday, January 15, 2012 0 comments
Over years back, my day began when I started to find the mobile around my bed. Just like any other guy of my age, I used to wake up with my mobile. As soon as I sent morning greetings in all the social networking sites, after sometimes, I got a message from a person who was from southern India  and his message was
    Whether you used XYZ messenger? Do you remember me?
That question puzzled me and I started to grind my mind to remember about him. I felt very comfortable that he might know me well, at least know me due to the confidence level in his question.

Who is he? 
"Who is he?” - Those questions drove my memories back to a year ago. It was the time, I began my walk in to a new world which is completely different from my reality world. I always had turmoils around my new world. As a newbie netizen, I always had a dilemma about people, "whether they are believable or trust-able". I’m quite frightened to talk to someone.

During that time, I came to know that person through a messenger website. He was an amiable guy even though I hesitated to accept him in my contact list due to the bad thoughts I had about online people. With a lot of confusion, I accepted his request. Days moved on, I started to believe him and we were chatting almost every day. We started to discuss about many different things, just like real friends, and even shared about our personal lives too.

After 6 months, we lost contact and were never able to contact each other again because we didn't exchange our details. Frankly, I never had a thought about him until I received that message. I realised that "he is my old friend". I messaged him back, “I remember you and glad you recognised me."

From that day onwards we became good friends. I’m glad to say he was the very first person I met from the online world. 

It is an incredible incident in my life, the way he found me from an ocean (twitter) without any details about me is simply amazing.  I don’t know whether everyone had an experience in their life like my journey. Well, I have to say these things as “Lost and Found - An Incredible Incident ”.


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