Language isn't a barrier

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, March 30, 2012 1 comments
On that particular day, I was quite early reached the railway station. The train arrived at the concerned platform, even ready for the departure. Without any delay, I rushed to find my seat, and I left with disappointment after I saw my seat because it wasn't a window seat. Nevertheless, the train wasn't that much crowded especially in my compartment.  So, I was easily managed to get a window seat which was exactly opposite to my booked seat. After almost half-a-hour, the train began its journey and moving towards its destination.

After sometimes, I made up my mind to read a book titled as "who will cry when you die". I was pretending like I’m busy with reading the book, but I was watching the ambient scenery which was moving slowing from my eyesight while breezes were shooting my face. During that period, I felt someone was watching me (kind of intuition). I saw nearly five - six members belonged to a single-family and the one who was watching me might be 10 years old little girl. I visualized a smile in her face when I turned my face towards her.

Lately, I had noticed she was trying to get my attention by playing, shouting, dancing and doing something naughty. She succeeded in her efforts; finally, she transported my attention from outside scenery to towards her. After she got my full attention, she started to do a different kind of stuffs (even singing too); in between she didn't forget to make sure that I was watching her. Later, she started to hide her eyes and peeking through the holes in-between her hands and laughed at me. I guessed she wanted someone to watch her activities as she was bored with travelling. Though, I didn't want to see the disappointment in her face. So I was keeping my eyes towards her.

It was the time; she was reaching near to the destination while her parents were busy with handling luggage. It was almost two odd hours; she did that kind of activities, even so it had been passed just like a few minutes. Whenever the train reached that particular destination, she was standing in front of me, and I guessed she was trying to say "Good Bye”. And the funny thing was that we don't know each other's language. I just came forward raised my eyes, nodded my head and looked at her. The smile in her face was disappearing from my view, and the train started to move. This incident made me  feel "language isn't a barrier" to show affection.


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Anyway sign too a language i think !!!!!!

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