Do you remember me?

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It had been a long time since (the last time) she intended to spend her time around me. There was certain closeness between us, and consistently it was melted like ice. The affection and closeness towards me were gradually decreased. It might because she thought that her closeness with me would lead an awkward moment in front of others. At times, she giggled at me whenever she saw me with someone else. Especially, when the time her brother or sister was spending their time with me. Nowadays, she seldom looked at me, and it didn't stand up to a minute.

It was one of those days, when the sunshine was peeking through the curtains and fell into the eyes. I peeled my eyes open; cool breeze was hitting my face, and I felt blissful. I saw her, next to me; she was relentlessly wandering inside the house. She was getting ready to go to the expedition, and I was keeping my eyes on her. I was like "Why doesn't gaze at me?" but she didn't move her eyeball to my side. Until the time, she was fleeting into the door. She didn't have a single second to glance at me. I reminisced; it was not the first time; she eschewed me in that way. Primordially, she didn't treat me like this way. 

I glimpsed through memoirs at the time, when I stepped into her bare hands. I couldn't describe the happiness what I saw on her face on that day. I didn't forget the excitement in her altruistic eyes and dazzling smile upon her lips. Those were the days; I was like a pedestal, and she spent her most of the time with me. It was hard to see her anywhere without my presence. Moreover, she treated me like her kid and dressed me almost every day. She didn't care about "What I liked to wear?" Or "What I wanted to do?” Despite, I had given prior consequence to her happiness, and I was pretending as a mirror.

She always kept me on the right side of her bed and shared all her happiness, sadness and bitterness. She didn't forget to sing a lullaby in the late night. Almost every day, she sang this song in her bed. 

You and I; just like a star and the moon in the sky,
I vow; my affection for you is like sunshine; will never diminish,
I smile for you; you smile for me; we smile for us;
Hold my hand; let’s step into a new saga called dream;  
You and I; just like a star and the moon in the sky

I thought her affection towards me, was like sunshine. She cared me day and night; I didn't even care about my joyfulness. I smiled for her, cried for her and her happiness was my passion. Lately, I knew, it was just like a light from candles. Everything was changed, when she had grown up. She had thrown me out of her life and even didn't have an interest to look back at me.

Unforeseen, I felt the sound of a door opening; she came back to the home as it was raining. She stared at me and came forward to me, but she was watching the rain through the window nearby me. The rain drops splattered on my eyes through the window, and it was like tears rolling down from my eyes. She was watching outside, and I asked her "My name is Doll, Do you remember me?"


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so nice :)

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Wow, Man you are EPIC! I love the story. You have a talent man!

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