What a feeling

Posted by Kannan B On Wednesday, May 29, 2013 0 comments
When I see you,
Through the eyes,
I start to believe in heaven.
I feel like I'm walking on a meadow.

I wish to follow every trace of you,

Though I don't wanna compete with you.
I wish to fly along with you,
As we move into the period of ecstasy.

When I see you smile,
My heart skips a beat,
You always glitter like a rainbow,
But you look so beautiful in white.

Sometimes I'm startling, when every
Tree, bird and corner of the place
Remind me about your fanciful thoughts
Life will never be the same without you

When I say "I like your smile",
You leave the smile for me
If I say "I like you"
What would you do?

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