Life doesn't start from where it ends

Posted by Kannan B On Monday, July 29, 2013 1 comments
When I see trees,
They strive to say something.
When I see birds,
They fly so close to me.
When the breeze thrives,
They whisper too loud for me.
Every insect, reptile and existence
Tries to convey something.
What do they want to say?
When I'm interested to listen,
Every being stops my way,
I wonder what makes to feel this way. 

I walk alone all the way with my mind;
It's the only way without any obstacles.
I run like a river into the sea;
It leads me to enlightenment. 
I see a tree again; I don't feel anything.
I want to know what it tries to tell me,
Thou life doesn't start from where it ends
I think everything wants to remind this.
I start to contemplate every moment of life.
And I be come very close to the nature.
I don't forget to carry smiles in my pockets
I hand them out wherever I get chances.
Be cause,
Life doesn't start from where it ends. 

Picture Credit: Coolhunting


Hey Wait, Listen! said...

Just too good! True, Life doesn't start from where it ends....!

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