Is it for Friendship ?

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, December 24, 2010 0 comments
Everyone has sweet memories in their childhood days, Of course this is one of my sweetest (Shocked) memories, accidentally got into my mind today. It happened 15 years ago I think.

When I was doing 5 th grade, had a friend who had  been a topper in my class from long time back (years). Though I'm not a very close friend of him. It  happened during the month of December, in a midterm examination that guy failed in his examination and unfortunately I was the class topper in that examination. But the fact everyone (teachers and friends) surprised “Why that Guy failed in the examination? ". One of my teachers inquired him and his parents regard “What’s the reason behind his failure? ". But the reason shocked not only my teacher but also shocked me. He said to my teacher as " Kannan ( me ) is my friend and  I failed in the examination  to make him ( me ) as topper " Everyone in my class laughed after his reply, it was one of my sweetest moments . Is it for Friendship?


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