A walk with the moon

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, November 16, 2012 1 comments
Heaven's drops were falling from hell; a storm
It wasn't like dog and cat fight; but more than it
I procrastinated wayfaring as long as possible
Clouds were merging faster, it seemed absurd

I squandered all the day by abiding over here
When I came near the window; I realized shade
I had been waiting to see dimness? I perplexed
I perceived a silence in-between these darkness

I initiated my expedition, reluctantly, it drizzled
I wandered relentlessly; It was just me and Owl
Stars were fading away, waterlogged all the way
I just followed the path where my feet led me

I drenched; all the delirious clouds parted away
I felt a few drops of rain on underneath of my heel;
I visualized a vivid beam, a lonely splendour smile
That smile in the water-log; shined like a diamond

As an intruder, it followed the impression of foot
She often giggled at me in a sarcastic manner
Whenever I turned around, she laughed; ran away
She used her blanket; whenever she felt my presence.

I stared, I smiled, It led to an abstruse occasion
I focused on walking, She pushed her blanket away
She pursued me all the way, where-ever I went
It was like playing "Hide and seek" till the dawn

Emerging of dawn resulted in separation of  us
My perpetual mind again led to an uncanny state
It was just me and her, she was mine for a little while.
She left her smile to  me and she faded away
            "A walk with moon"


Anunoy Samanta said...

Wonderful romance in your expression, specially which got intensified towards the end!
Keep rhyming my friend :-)

Anunoy Samanta


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