I wonder, why?

Posted by Kannan B On Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3 comments

I wonder,
The day and night shouldn't have same length
When will the sun rise in west, and set in east?
Why can't we see the moon every night?
Why stars aren't visible in the daytime?

I wonder,
Can't I fly between clouds? If birds can fly.
It's the sign of partiality, Isn't it? then,
Why do I feel envy about birds?
When I love to see the birds in the sky.

I wonder,
Shall not make love as a religion?
If love is a religion, then peace is God
Everyone will afraid to their conscience
People will have a mind like child

I wonder,
Can't you see things the way I see?
Why don't you speak 'what do you feel'?
What if everyone agree with us?
When people understand us very well?

Perhaps, it would give elated life
If everything is perfect, and same as our wish,
We can't find love.

I wonder,
Be cause,
Love doesn't exist in sameness,
We love just be cause of  uniqueness and imperfection :)


Simran said...

Me too wondering after reading the wonderful composition... :)

Parthasarathi prasanna venkatesh said...

If love is a religion, peace is god...... Wonderful thought

a Rat said...

beautiful composition. loved it..

A Rat's Nibble

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