It's not just another Journey

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, September 23, 2011 0 comments
Travelling is one of my favourite things that's how I like to spend my time, I love to travel as much as it makes me tired. I get to meet different kinds of people, the things they do are really interesting to watch. I prefer to travel by train rather than any other mode of transportation because we can meet hundreds of people within some minutes especially while travelling second class in India. I can witness real people's lives. Let me narrate one of   my unforgettable journeys.

It was in the month of July 2011, while I was travelling to home by train. Between I forgot to say that we can buy all sorts of things while travelling on the train (in India). There are a few annoying things like begging amongst other bad things. As I have mentioned before I was on the way to home, when the train stopped at a station, Passengers were rushing to find their seats on the train.

In the meantime I heard some strange noises kind of irritating one. As soon I saw a physically challenged man who wasn't able to walk properly and moved around using both hands. I was completely impressed with that man. He never begged but instead he cleaned the floor in the train, people gave him money for the work. He was completely different from the people who are begging by showing their disabilities.

That incident completely in to my heart made to feel "It's not just another Journey"


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