The day I wasn't me

Posted by Kannan B On Sunday, October 02, 2011 0 comments
In an evening time, I was in a food court along with my sister to have soft drinks. Soon we bought those drinks and were seated nearby. In the meantime, we saw a visually impaired man, who was trying to locate a shop to buy some food item. So many people were around the area but frankly none of them were looking forward to help him when he stuck himself between the tables. Somehow, he managed to help himself and came nearer to my table.

Till that time, I blamed the people about, who didn't help him. When he came to sit closer to my table, soon my friend (sister) tried to help him but she did not understand his dialect. Another woman, who was a sales girl in that shop, tried to help him but she left after some time. But my friend tried to help him even after she left. Suddenly I felt something was wrong and insisted her (sister) to leave the place immediately without helping him. After some days she asked me "why I've behaved like that?" -  I'm answerless.

It's been about four months that the whole incident happened but till now, I’m still wondering why I behaved in that peculiar way. Nowadays, whenever I see a visually impaired person, the whole incident comes to mind again and again. And I always feel bad about that day that was "The day I wasn't me".


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