Am I a dream?

Posted by Kannan B On Friday, June 21, 2013 3 comments
Am I a dream?
My body is a bag of dreams,
Every second I dream,
My dreams are transcendent.
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In my every dream, 
I isolate myself from the rest of world
I wish to run behind the dreams,
I run relentlessly to conquer it, 
Sometimes I stop by a nightmare,
I startle; stutter; crawl;
Until I realise it as an illusion.

Am I a dream? 
My mind is full of dreams,
Every second I dream,
My dreams are immortal.
In my every dream,
I wish to go to the place, 
Where I start to dream. 
It's is an oasis - a source of knowledge, 
If all my knowledge are lie, 
What is the truth about my dream? 
I startle; stutter; crawl; 
Until I find the answer, 
I'm a dream. 


Simran said...

Dreams, they takes you higher and higher.
Lovely poetry :)
May all your dreams come true.

No one said...

yes.... I don't know whether it was a dream or not! ... I was gazing the moon... how it became transparent - I've no idea.. I could see the other side... and and.. I saw YOU your eyes have the same look? ...... still waiting on the other side...

Kannan said...

@No one I have been waiting for a longtime, Check your mail :)

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