She walked out of my dream !

Posted by Kannan B On Sunday, January 08, 2012 2 comments
It was an early Friday morning as I woke up really early due to the excitement of meeting someone who will be a part of my future, my life. It was the very first time that I felt very interested to spend my time with a girl. Things moved firmly and it was time to meet her. As soon as I recognized her, I am left speechless and I said to myself “She is Beautiful" more than I expected. But there was not much reaction from her side when she saw me. Well, she could mesmerize anyone.

Soon we started to walk away from that place. She was too fast and I followed her like a kid. (It’s worth to mention about her simplicity) Even though I knew that she was a rich girl, she was very simple, simply like how my girl should be. I thought golden times in my life starts from here. (But it ended within a few minutes actually). And we reached a place to have our lunch.

We started to discuss about lots of things as we had our lunch in that place. I was aware of one thing. She was not interested to stay with me and she was always busy with her book rather than chatting with me. Most of the time, we were like minded. Sometimes, she even got angry (as I read it from the wrinkles on her face) whenever she did not agree with my view.

I always noticed her facial expressions, there was lack of interest to be present in front of me and it was confirmed when she whispered, "I am bored". When I heard those words from her I felt as if someone had just backed over me with a truck. It would be great if those words were not audible to my ears. At that time I thought it was the hardest time of my life. But very soon, a lot of things happened that I couldn’t describe with words.

As soon as I started to hear someone calling me, an alarming amount of sunlight fell on my face as soon as I realized that it was my mom telling me "Get up!" and all I could think of was, "She walked out of my dream !"

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No one said...

It was a Friday ah :)how coincidence!!!!!!

Kannan B said...

Today also Friday, so I started our blog too.

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